Billy Greens – Collyhurst

17, Talgarth Road, Collyhurst, Manchester, M40 7QA

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Billy Green was a boxer.

Billy Green was a landlord.

Billy Green kept The Vauxhall in Collyhurst – The Vauxhall was named for the nearby Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, formerly Tinker’s and Elysian Gardens.


Collyhurst was then a rural idyll, lit with swaying lanterns, lilting music and laughter filled the night air, my how little has changed.

Billy Greens was a pub, named after Billy Green.


Reputedly the toughest pub in Britain.

Point a camera at a hard man and he’ll tell you exactly what you want to hear, it’s easy, though it’s much, much harder to fill a pub these days – tough times.

Standing lost and forlorn in a sea of green grass – nobody’s home, laid low by a litre and a half of Lambrini or six.

Bare burnt rafters, boarded doors, the sign no longer swings in the wind.

Somebody just called tinned-up time.

Billy Greens is no more.


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3 thoughts on “Billy Greens – Collyhurst

  1. In early 2000s something was filmed in Billy greens what was it called.also on whittley road near the maisonettes?


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