The Sparrow – Collyhurst

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84 Thornton Street North Collyhurst Manchester M40 8JT

It’s too late, she’s gone
Too Late Too Late
It’s too late, my baby’s gone
Too Late Too Late
Wish I had told her she was my only one
But It’s too late, she’s gone

We spend much of our lives searching for something that once was.

There are maps, guides, street views that are as ghostly as the very destination you may seek, the past is an unreliable path to the present.

Walking up Thornton Street North, through Village Park, a city green space initiative, now largely untended and unloved, you can clearly see where The Sparrow was.

A former estate pub, a footprint.

Away from the white hot heat epicentre of the Northern Powerhouse, you quickly feel the chill of deindustrialisation. Full employment and newly built social housing the stuff of dreams and folk memory, as the future is buried beneath worn lino and entrancing entrance steps, seemingly leading nowhere.


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