Four in Hand – Hattersley

Hattersley Road East, Hattersley SK14 3EQ

four in

Hattersley – above Hyde beyond Manchester.

Created as an *overspill estate* to ease inner-city housing congestion, hopefully affording a more amenable, rural life.

Seven of its 1960’s tower blocks were demolished in 2000, Tameside Towers is next.

Hattersley – once home to Ricky Hatton.

I chatted to former resident Keith – he’d been happy in his home in the sky, buying binoculars to watch the passing airplanes and birds.

Since rehoused in a nearby maisonette, there is much less to see.

Or do.

The estate once had five pubs, now only one remains – not the Four in Hand.

A boarded up bricked bunker of a boozer,  elevated and nestled against the flats.

The wind now whistles, little else.

DSC_0024 copy

DSC_0025 copy

DSC_0026 copy

DSC_0027 copy

DSC_0028 copy

DSC_0029 copy

DSC_0030 copy

DSC_0031 copy

DSC_0032 copy

DSC_0033 copy

DSC_0034 copy

DSC_0035 copy

DSC_0036 copy

DSC_0038 copy

DSC_0039 copy

DSC_0040 copy

DSC_0041 copy

DSC_0042 copy


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