The Red Rose – Holts Oldham

Lees New Road, Holts Village, Oldham OL4 5PL

rose map

On the outer edges of Greater Manchester, sits Holts Estate.

Mixing sixties social housing, with hard won and worn moorland, the air feels different up here.

Everything feels different up here.

Remote from time, a pre-industrial landscape merged with the earliest speculative coal mining, mill working and subsistence farming, on a slag and shale scarred, scrub grass croft.

Once there was a pub – The Red Rose.

Now there isn’t – just another convenience store in another town.

With the extra added attraction of a take-away, to take away your will to live.

A typical two storey brick and tile building, with extended lower level additions.

A timber smoking area, backs on to stone cladding – tagged by the HEC.

Sadly for the Holts Estate Crew, there will be no turf war.

Out here you are your own worst enemy.

Nobody knew you were there.

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